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Despite being a £4 billion market, ready meal options remained limited for millions of people with a Halal diet in the UK. Our goal was to reset the tone by introducing better options.

Nine out of ten UK households buy ready meals in the mainstream, yet those with Halal diets did not have good choices, with Indian food often being the only option available. We also recognised the lack of healthy alternatives, and we too shared the frustration of not being able to reach for anything but a tuna sandwich. So we set out to fix the problem.

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Variety, quality and more.

Our goal was to offer a variety of ready meals in all types of cuisines that were flavoursome, healthy and Halal. We dedicated hundreds of hours to extensive consumer research to determine which dishes were our customer’s favourites.

Once we established what people wanted, we worked diligently with experts from each background, from Jamaican to Italian to Moroccan, to develop authentic ready meals. At the same time, ensuring our production techniques produce the most nutritionally balanced meals.

Transforming vision into reality.

We conducted extensive consumer research, so we understood our customers. With their needs and preferences in mind, we created Foodery to appeal to the millions who just wished they could grab great looking meals from the supermarket shelves as everyone else could. We produced several recipes from Moroccan Chicken Tagine to Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Mexican Beef Chilli, plus a variety of wholesome soups. All recipes were authentic and nutritionally balanced.

Our in-house team worked on branding and packaging that would stand out and appeal to everyone, not only those with a Halal diet.

To elevate the brand experience, we held several events and exhibited our products at food shows. We became a truly consumer-centric brand with a strong community whose customers were proud to share their Foodery meals with their friends and family in person and on social media.

Changing lunches and dinners.

Within three months, we delivered Foodery to supermarket shelves landing our meals in Tesco and Asda. Foodery became renowned for its healthy and tasty meals. Our branding raised the bar in the industry, and we changed lunches and dinners for many.

In 2017 the company was involved in a merger acquisition deal with a competitor.

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