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Revamping food from the subcontinent.

It was time to rethink snacks from the Indian Subcontinent. Most recipes used some great ingredients with health benefits but were often processed, salty and fried. We set out to revamp the preparation process and upgrade recipes to include more protein and superfoods.

With the era of conscious eating and a focus on health, our goal was to improve nutritional value while maintaining authentic flavours. So, we got into the food lab, developed new recipes, incorporated beneficial traditional spices, and added more superfoods while developing techniques that allowed for baking rather than frying.

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Better choices for foodies.

Indian food is a national favourite. We believe you should be able to enjoy your favourite cuisine and not have to worry about the negative health implications or have to compromise your lifestyle goals.

By acknowledging the health-conscious consumer and superfood trends, we reinvented famous Indian snacks, packing chaats and samosas with superfoods and protein while simultaneously reducing saturated fats by up to 50% and excessive salt. We even managed to reduce sugar in our desserts. Our approach was scientific. Azam even took over a food manufacturing facility to craft these innovative snacks.

Developing and executing the vision.

We’d achieved our goals and developed some game-changing snacks. Our in-house team executed branding and packaging, ensuring it reflected our healthy twist to the nation’s favourite and communicated our vision.

The “handcrafted flavours” tagline coined what we did. We successfully delivered our brand messaging and values connecting with customers across the nation.

We worked with the press, influencers and our growing community to build our awareness on social media and exhibited at food shows to get our products in the hands of our audience.

Delivering more than food.

Gourmosa was in stores in under eight months from conception. We delivered a range of 20 SKUs with four of the largest retailers, including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, and Ocado. Our products were available in 282 stores.

Several magazines featured the brand, from Woman and Home Magazine to Natural Health Magazine’s superfood Hotlist. Gourmosa was recognised as a healthy food brand to watch, delivering a balanced and easy-to-grab gourmet range.

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