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GRAFTISM is about the experience.

We designed and engineered a space that enables people to lift in one of a kind environment, meet like-minded people, build relationships, and have an enhanced retail experience.

The health and fitness industry is part of a bigger experience-centric movement shaping how consumers interact with businesses and consume and experience products and services. Labelled as a ‘New Breed of Gym’, GRAFTISM is considered a leader and innovator in this shift.

Digital experiences were a priority to elevate our experience-centric goals. We crafted a content creator-friendly/Instagrammable space that resulted in GRAFTISM becoming one of the most popular in-person and social media destinations.

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Building the culture and community.

The GRAFTISM ideology brings a group of like-minded people together; you could say, a tribe of hard workers (GRAFTERS), with similar ideas and goals. We strived for a positive community, encouraged new relationships and interactions, and set up processes to support our members.

We focused not only on one-of-a-kind lifting and exercise experiences but on building a recognised culture and a positive community of GRAFTERS.

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